Focus on your product

Don't spent money on servers, domains during the period you're creating. Use MyHook for your testing and presentation purposes. Single click, and your local services will be accesible in the internet.


MyHook doesn't require any payment to being used. We have to pay for the infrastructure, devs, bug fixing etc. In case you want to help MyHook become bigger for the community then you're very welcome to help!

How it works???

Install the Chrome Extension OR Firefox Addon OR The Desktop App

MyHook is a browser extension and a desktop app which should be installed from the official browser store or from the DropBox Link provided above. From the browser store (Chrom or Firefox store) click the install button and the extension will appear in your toolbar. For the Desktop Version the default steps of installation should be followed.

Check if your local API, WebServer is running

To be sure that MyHook will do their Job, be sure that your local service you want to expose is running.

Set-up your public and local hook

Open MyHook from your browser toolbar. A new window with the setup fields will appear. You will be asked to define the host of your local service (API, WebServer) and the port where the service is running. Usually the services run on the host 'localhost'. Populate the two required fields and click the 'START' button.

Manage your public hook from the workspace

After step 3 a new window (MyHook Workspace) will appear. In the top left you would be able to copy your public hook. What is public hook? Public hook is the subdomain reserved for your localhook. You have to share the public hook (Ex., set it up to another service, in case to receive all the public requests to your localhost.


Easy to Use

MyHook is very simple to use. You install the extension, start the hook and track the requests which are comming from outside.

Simple Workspace

MyHook provides a simple workspace where all the requests and responses are listed. You will be able to check the headers, content, IP from the request and the response.

Free HTTPS for your public hook

Your local service is not enforced to use https but the public hook will have always an secure connection with the client user.

URL Adapt

MyHook will adapt all your local links in your website with the public one (Ex. http://localhost/images/logo.png ->